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Online Asbestos Awareness Training, RoSPA & IATP Approved Course

We offer an online asbestos awareness course for individuals and companies, as asbestos is a danger in many different sectors. It is estimated that approximately 40 tradesmen die every week from this hidden killer and it is important to know when there may be a risk of exposure, to yourself and others and how to avoid coming into contact with Asbestos.

Course Information

Our online asbestos awareness training course is approved by RoSPA and IATP and is conducted using video based instruction, with instructor led presentations.

Once started each video can be paused, or rewound, so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content and structure.

This asbestos awareness online certification is ideal for many construction trades, for example builders, plumbers, roofers, demolition contractors, rubbish removal services, cable layers and more.

Once you have registered for training you will be able to start your asbestos awareness training programme at once.

After course completion all certification can be printed or downloaded as required.

Asbestos awareness training course online, RoSPA approved asbestos awareness training course programme for builders, roofers, demolition contractors, pipe layers, rubbish removal services, gain certification for the workplace.

Registration & Start

  • RoSPA & IATP Approved
  • Train using video based instruction
  • 65 minutes of training video
  • Pause and rewind videos
  • Print your certification
  • £25 + vat

RoSPA and IATP approved online asbestos awareness training course, click here to register and start your programme, download all materials and print certification on completion

Course Content, View Below

  • Properties and Risks of Asbestos Exposure
  • Different Types of Asbestos
  • Avoiding the Risks
  • An Outline of Current Asbestos Legislation

We also offer an online asbestos awareness programme for Architects and Designers.

Additional content has been added and for additional information regarding the course content and structure please see our Architects Designers Asbestos page.

Our online asbestos awareness certification will help you stay compliant with your workplace training requirements and can be used along side your current workplace policies and procedures.

This online awareness training course for the understanding of the issues relating to asbestos is ideal for all tradesmen and demolition contractors for example roofing contractors, domestic and commercial plumbers, pipe fitters and lagging contractors, builders and bricklayers and many more tradesmen.

Online asbestos awareness training course, certification available online, please contact us for additional information.