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IIRSM Approved Risk Assessing & Assessment Online Training Course

Our online risk assessment training course has been designed to be an introduction to the principles of risk assessment within the workplace. Many subjects are covered within this training programme including why risk assessments are necessary and the legal requirements relating to risk assessments.

Our online risk assessment course is available with free risk assessment training videos, which can be paused or rewound as you progress through the course and this programme is an ideal learning platform for doctors, dental surgeries, office, general & hotel managers, workshops foreman, or anyone who would like to hold current and up to date introduction to workplace risk assessment certification.

Course Information

Our online risk assessment training programme will guide you through the simple process of carrying out a risk assessment and help you stay compliant with your workplace training requirements.

This risk assessment programme is designed to promote awareness and understanding of what constitutes a hazard within the workplace and to promote understanding of the 5 steps needed to carrying out a workplace risk assessing. Also to give an understanding of different types of control measures and how these might be implemented.

Once you have registered for training you will be able to download all course materials, as these can be used to follow the course as you progress through the training.

Our online risk assessment course is an ideal training platform for shop owners, factory workers, workshop foreman, company owners, self employed, or employed, or anyone who is required to hold risk assessing certification.

All risk assessment certification can be printed on successful completion of the course.

Risk assessment training course online, cpd certified, ideal for dental and doctors surgeries, schools, shops, or anyone who would like workplace risk assessing certification.

Registration & Start

  • Train using video based instruction
  • 90 minutes of programme video
  • Pause and rewind videos
  • Print your certification
  • £25 + vat

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Course Content, View Below

  • Workplace risk assessment the basics
  • Workplace legislation
  • Regulation and Civil Law
  • Assessment strategy
  • Options and Elements
  • Identifying Hazards

  • Who Might Be Harmed
  • Evaluating the Risks
  • The Practicalities
  • Recording and Reviewing
  • Management and their Responsibilities

Our online risk assessment training course programme will help you stay compliant with your workplace training course requirements and can be used along side your current workplace procedures.

This course is ideal for people who work in offices, dentists and doctors surgeries, small shops and factory outlets and any manager or employee who would like to gain knowledge of the importance of risk assessing. This course is also suitable for the self employed person, as well as employed.

Workplace online risk assessing and assessment course programme available, please contact us for additional information.