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DSE, VDU, Display Screen Equipment Online Training Course

Many problems can arise for computer operators on a daily basis when their computer workstation, TV monitor and desk layout is not set correctly, this can lead to severe back and neck pain, stiffness in joints, hand and arm problems and also eye strain.

Course Information

Our online DSE course will help you address these set up issues and help you understand why it is important and how your computer workstation and equipment should be set.

Having the correct set up with your workstation and office desk will help to reduce the health and safety risks and avoid possible health problems.

Once you have registered and completed the simple registration process for our online training course you will be able to start the course at once.

Our online display screen equipment course is an ideal training solution for secretaries, doctors and dental receptionists, office staff, security guards, CCTV operators, shop assistants, or anyone who would like to gain knowledge of how to set your workplace computer workstation & desk for use.

All safety certification can be printed on successful completion of the course.

DSE, VDU display screen equipment training course online, cpd certified, stay workplace compliant, ideal for office staff, CCTV operators, security guards, secretaries, doctors and dental receptionists, shop assistants.

Additional Training Available

We also offer an online Assessing Display Screen course, which is a higher level of training than our display screen awareness programme.

This course is an ideal training platform for office managers, or anyone who would like a more detailed online computer workstation equipment setup safety training programme, as it covers additional subjects including:

  • Risk Assessing,
  • DSE Assessments,
  • Control and Prevention Strategies and more.

You can register and start by clicking any of the “Begin Now” buttons, or if you would like a full list of our online training programmes see our online health & safety training portal by following this link: Online Health & Safety Courses

Registration & Start

  • IIRSM Approved
  • Train using video based instruction
  • 50 minutes of training video
  • Pause and rewind videos
  • Print your certification
  • £25 + vat
VDU safety, online cpd certified training, click here to start
  • Assessing Display Screen Equipment
  • IIRSM Approved
  • 100 minutes of training video
  • Print your certification
  • £25 + vat
Assessing VDU Safety

Course Content, View Below

  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Protecting Your Body
  • Adjusting Your Chair

  • Adjusting Your Screen
  • Work Arrangements
  • Adjusting the Layout of Your Workstation
  • Adjusting Your Work Environment

Our online DSE training is ideal for secretaries and all office staff, CCTV operators, dental and doctors receptionists, shop assistants, security guards who use computer screens on a daily basis, managers and factory workers who use computers each day and our training can be used along side your current workplace policies and procedures.

Please contact us for additional information regarding the computer workstation, equipment and desk setup online training course we offer.