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19th October 2017

Confined Space Training

Confined Spaces Online Training Course It is very important that every employee who works near, or within the confined’s of a confined space environment understands that there is a need to follow safe working practices […]
18th October 2017

Fire Evacuation Chair Training Hertfordshire

Fire Evacuation Chair Training Onsite Throughout Hertfordshire It is a legal requirement to have in place means to evacuate a building in an emergency and understanding how to evacuate a building safely in an emergency […]
18th October 2017
Moving objects training course online

Manual Handling Objects Course Essex

Manual Handling Objects Course Onsite in Essex Understanding how to lift, push or pull loads correctly is important, not only for the employee, but also the employer, as this will help to reduce injuries within […]
16th October 2017
Working at height training course

Working at Height Certification

RoSPA Approved Working at Height Training Course If you are working at height then you need to have in place up to date working at height certification that covers the regulations, employer and employee responsibilities […]
1st September 2017

Onsite One Day Birmingham

One Day First Aid Course Onsite in Birmingham There is a legal requirement for companies to have in place employees that hold current and up to date first aid certification. As a company it can […]
11th August 2017

Fire Extinguisher Certification Online

RoSPA Approved Fire Extinguisher Certification Online Understanding the many different types of fire extinguishers that are available is complex and knowing how to use the correct fire extinguisher has safety considerations for the user, as […]